September 25, 2014

About a million years late...


... I am finally joining the sneaker party. Running around all day from home to the bus to the tube to university and back has made me realise I need a pair of comfortable (did I just say it?) shoes - the Birkenstock season is sadly almost over and it's still a bit too early for boots so bring on the Nike sneakers! Now onto the hardest part: deciding which pair to get. At the moment  I prefer the Nike Pegasus 83 over the Air Force 1, just because the latter turn my elegant size 8 (ahem) feet into true ferry boats. And although the weather has been exceptionally nice in London (I'm turning into a Londoner already, talking about the weather - and while typing this, I'm dipping a biscuit into my tea...) white sneakers might not be the best option for Fall. Thoughts?