August 10, 2014

Into the green

After a few days in bustling Havana, it was time to continue our trip to West-Cuba. After a car drive from hell (I'm never cursing Belgian highways ever again...) we arrived in Viñales, a natural park known for its coffee and fruit plantages where we stayed at the most lovely old couple's house - they didn't speak any English but that didn't keep them from trying to engage in Spanish/sign language conversation and offering us an abundance of food. I usually love pineapple and mango but after 3 days of pineapple (3 times a day!) I'm good for a while. 

After Viñales it was time to pack up again (oh the horror of trying to stuff everything back in your suitcase...) and back on the road to Las Terrazzas, another natural park for two days. After a few days of hiking and especially sweating (oh the sweating...) we spent a day at Playa Larga, our first stop at the famous Caribbean Sea. Just enough time to reload our batteries before we were on the (bumpy) road again...