August 4, 2014


It took me almost a week to finally get a post up about my trip to Cuba, but I ask you, how does one narrow +1000 photos down to a couple of blog posts? I must say, Cuba is a dream for photographers: brightly coloured houses, picturesque alleyways, vintage cars, beautiful people, opulent nature and just everyday life (a guy riding his bike with half a chicken or a giant birthday cake in his one hand? Totally normal in Cuba...) I quite enjoyed my little break from the internet - I actually had in mind to go to one of the hotels in Varadero to use the wifi but I didn't miss it all! (plus it was expensive and apparently excruciatingly slow)
I will write a more thoughtful post about my Cuban experience later on (you know, since I'm all about serious topics from now on... eh), but for now enjoy the pictures of beautiful Havana! X