July 10, 2014

Oui, please!

Last week Hanna invited me over to finally visit her hometown Hasselt - we had been talking about this date for two years so it was about time! She took me to all of her favourite hotspots, including Titi + the German Kid, Paplou and my favourite of all: OUI, aka interior design heaven. I decided on two ceramic jars as an early birthday present to myself and vowed I would be back for more very soon - or at least, when I have my own place (inshallah...) My stash of homeware, cooking and interior stuff has gotten a bit out of hand over the few years, right to the point where I could throw a tea party for the entire street without having to reuse a single cup.

Hasselt doesn't really come to mind when you think of Belgian fashion cities, but with its own fashion museum and a bunch of independent designers I think it's quite worthy of that name. Shame it's so far away though... 3-hour train rides are not my best friend.