July 6, 2014

Is that all there is?

Remember that scene in SATC where Miranda gets tired of the other girls always talking about men? She says "How did it happen that four such smart women have nothing to talk about but boyfriends? It's like seventh grade with bank accounts." That is exactly the way I've been feeling about fashion lately. Let me explain - and a little warning, I've been watching a lot of SATC lately so I may get very "wonderous" as Carrie likes to do.

As a student with parents who couldn't care less about trends (love you mum) and as an aspiring fashion blogger, it gets harder and harder to dress these days. Trends come and go faster than ever, and can you imagine a fashion blogger still wearing Isabel Marant wedge sneakers, or ? Nope, that trend is over so we can all throw away those shoes and clothes that cost us a fortune (for the ones who can afford the real deal... for others, it's Asos, Zara & Co.) and buy new stuff that will be "out" in a couple of years... no sorry, months! Buy, throw away, repeat. That how fashion seems to be going now, and I don't know if I still want to be part of all this. Yes, I love reading blogs, browsing for inspiration and shopping for something new, but why would I spend my tiny student budget on something I can wear a few times before its expiration date? I try to justify following trends by using the excuse "but it's cheap" but that doesn't make any difference. Cheap clothes are mostly made by Asian women or children who work day and night in horrible work conditions. 

After writing this post about conscious shopping and making an effort to think about where our clothes come from, I only managed to hold onto those thoughts for a while. It's so easy to get envious of other people wo seem to have it all. Instagram has become a parade of designer outfits, Chanel Boy bags and tropical holidays. Is that all there is? Do these bloggers actually talk about anything besides CĂ©line's AW Collection, what colour of Birkenstocks to get and how they missed their flight from NY to Paris Fashion Week? #firstworldproblems indeed, and while I'm not one to shy away from the occasional #firstworldproblems complaint, spending a year abroad in a region that hasn't seen peace in almost a century has been a wake up call. Our so-called problems vanish into thin air compared to daily struggles as not being able to leave the house by yourself as a woman, or facing civil war or being homeless and struggling to survive. It wouldn't kill you to look up from your Vogue or computer screen every once in a while and actually realize there is something outside this cocoon. 

So what now? Will I stop blogging? Definitely not. I still enjoy getting dressed, picking out unique outfits and sharing them with you. Or scrolling through pinterest for inspiration. But from time to time, the outfits will have to make room for something different. I'm starting my Master's degree in September, so surely I must have more to tell you than what I wore this particular day. Surely. (yup, that sounds convincing...) If I want to pursue a career in the field of journalism or women's right activism, I better start writing my ass off! I hope you will enjoy the occasional break from fashion, and I promise it won't always be as long as this post...