July 8, 2014

Double denim

One of my favourite outfits lately! I don't have to tell you where I bought the denim shirt... Abdali market in Amman of course. I'm thrilled about the lighting in these pictures: golden hour at its best! I promise I will find a different location than this white-grey wall (still have two more outfit posts lined up though...) but I find a white background brings more focus to the outfit. I've come to the conclusion that there must have been a huge sale on orange bricks 30 years ago, because that's all there is to see here. And the occasional beige one (hipsters, whatcha gonna do...)

I'm off to enjoy one of my favourite Belgian dishes: it's called "witloofrolletjes" (haha) and it consists of chicory or Belgian endive wrapped in ham with a cheesy bechamel sauce, like this. I haven't eaten it in more than a year because it's usually a winter dish, but I'm writing this wearing a wool cardigan so I'll just pretend it's winter.  Food coma to be expected. See ya!

I'm wearing: 
ASOS jeans & slip-ons | thrifted shirt | New Look leather jacket