July 14, 2014


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I'm travelling to Cuba for two weeks! Beyond excited. My mum, who gained herself the new nickname of master planner put together a tour around the island, starting in Havana followed by some roadtripping to natural parks, splendid beaches and picturesque cities. I might even take up some salsa classes! Everything with a mojito in one hand and a Cuban cigar in the other. (Just kidding about the cigar. Smoking kills, people! Ok, maybe one...)

As usual, I've prepared some blog content that will get to you through the magic of scheduled posts, but don't forget to check on the blog every couple of days because I won't be spamming you on facebook and instagram as I usually do: There is little to no internet connection in Cuba. Two weeks to go cold turkey from technology and socal media will do me good. And I won't be making you too jealous with pictures of me on the beach.

See you in two weeks! XO