July 1, 2014


 Trying to get the most out of our Belgian summer has resulted in these slightly oversaturated pictures, sorry! I apologize for blinding you with the whiteness that are my legs - they haven't seen the sun in ages and you know I never get a tan EVER, so that's that. 
On another note: the Middle Eastern diet has left me with a few extra kilos, and the last two weeks included a lot of catching up on European food - think cheese, bread, wine and potatoes - so I figured it's time for a cleanse. I'm not going cold turkey (I wouldn't last a day...) but for breakfast and lunch I'm having a green smoothie or juice and for dinner something light and healthy. So far I'm still alive, although I'm craving some Belgian chocolate - my parents left me some Easter chocolate for when I got back and now it's just staring at me. Must be strong!

I'm wearing: ASOS skirt & slides | H&M crop top