June 3, 2014


Oh, Beirut. I had an awesome three days exploring the city (even half a day by myself - something I very much recommend!) also known as the Paris of the Middle East. It was definitely liberating to be able to walk around without getting harassed on every street corner (Amman, I'm talking to you..) and enjoy great food with amazing people. When walking around the beautifully restored downtown Beirut, it's hard to imagine this city being completely destroyed by the civil war not so long ago. There are still some landmarks like the Holiday Inn hotel (photo 16-17) that remind us of the fact that although Beirut (and Lebanon for the most part) is now a vibrant and safe place, it hasn't always been like this.
Anyway, I'm glad I took the last-minute decision to see Beirut before the end of my Middle Eastern adventure - 1,5 week to go and to be honest, I couldn't be more excited!