June 27, 2014

Bare legs, gasp!

You might think I'm glad to be back in Belgium where I'm not stared and whistled at as much as in Jordan, but nope: wearing heels and red lipstick in my tiny village attracts even more stares. Oh the perks of living on the countryside!
On another note, the weather has finally allowed me to wear all my Summer clothes again, but this also came with the realisation that I now feel naked in public when I'm showing a tiny bit of leg. Or even worse: I catch myself silently judging and shaming other women for wearing mini skirts or shorts, although I always used to stand up against other people who do that. JORDAN CHANGED ME. For realz, though: you don't realise how quickly you get accustomed to a different culture and different traditions until you're back home...

I'm wearing: Thrifted shorts & shirt | ZARA sandals | MAC Russian Red lipstick