June 14, 2014

A year abroad in outfits

 So, I just said goodbye to my all my friends here so this is really the end of my Middle Eastern adventure! I will post an elaborate 'looking back on this year' post soon, but as this is first of all a fashion blog, I wanted to share with you a compilation of all my outfits of the past nine months! Ready? Yalla!

My most recent outfit (blogpost here) - a sunny winter day - black & white, all time favourite

From my first few months in Amman! Miss my rooftop background.

My second time visiting Wadi Rum - White outfits are never a good idea in Amman - Favourite thrifted camel coat!

Black jumpsuit in Jerusalem - another jumpsuit, thrifted - And my other favourite thrifted coat!

This picture was actually taken in London, but this was basically my winter uniform in Amman - black & white again - and again... #ihaveaproblem

I wore these jeans so much they are literally falling apart! - First time visiting Petra - Another basic outfit

A more modest outfit for visiting Jerusalem's Holy Site - Another of my favourite outfits, in Wadi Rum - My 1 euro thrifted coat has served me well..

All white outfit, and my favourite slip-ons - Ripped jeans, only for inside the house! - Love this snake print sweater

Those jeans again... - Loose trousers are a must in Jordan - Another recent outfit. Also, I touch my hair way too much.

Best trousers ever - Second visit to Petra, so cold! - All black & grey, my signature look.

Yes of course I wore more outfits than this... but a) I didn't always have a photographer, b) When living with a limited amount of clothes, there's a lot of outfit repeating and c) this post is long enough as it is! Got a fave?