June 27, 2014

Bare legs, gasp!

You might think I'm glad to be back in Belgium where I'm not stared and whistled at as much as in Jordan, but nope: wearing heels and red lipstick in my tiny village attracts even more stares. Oh the perks of living on the countryside!
On another note, the weather has finally allowed me to wear all my Summer clothes again, but this also came with the realisation that I now feel naked in public when I'm showing a tiny bit of leg. Or even worse: I catch myself silently judging and shaming other women for wearing mini skirts or shorts, although I always used to stand up against other people who do that. JORDAN CHANGED ME. For realz, though: you don't realise how quickly you get accustomed to a different culture and different traditions until you're back home...

I'm wearing: Thrifted shorts & shirt | ZARA sandals | MAC Russian Red lipstick

June 23, 2014


After such a long time away from my home country, I often forget how beautiful it is. I spent a few days in Ghent with my sister and I guess you can definitely call me a tourist now, as I was walking around constantly taking pictures of all the famous sights. And of my outfits of course, which mainly consisted of ripped jeans, as it was just a little too chilly for bare legs. Summer has finally arrived in Belgium as you might have noticed from my excessive instagram action today. I also have a lot of outfit inspiration so outfit posts are coming soon! See ya.

June 16, 2014

Yalla, bye!

9,5 months of living in Amman. Two suitcases (now four.. ahem). 285 days being away from home. Countless hours of skype conversations. It's been a good year. I've learned so much, not only Arabic - the reason I came here in the first place - but also personally: I went from being the quite shy Belgian girl who didn't know anyone when she came here, and who couldn't understand more than a few sentences of Arabic dialect to a more self-assured multi-lingual (ahem...) woman who isn't afraid to stand up for herself, who can have full conversations with native speakers (and most importantly: tell them off when they're being rude or inappropriate) and who has made friendships for life. I'm so grateful that I got to experience all of this. There have been moments where I was asking myself "what the hell am I doing here" or "is this all worth it" but in the end I can say that it definitely was. Despite the hard times  - when I was missing my loved ones, when Arabic class wasn't going well or when I get catcalled for the 2589635th time - this has been the best year of my life so far. So without further ado, a little recap of the past 9,5 months. Enjoy!

Floated on the Dead Sea

Walked around Amman and played tourist

Visited Petra twice!

Went to Wadi Rum, still my favourite place in Jordan

Ran the Amman 10K in the scorching heat

Saw a lot of sunsets

Experienced the (very rare) snow storm in the Middle East

Went to London for Christmas

Got a visit from my parents around New Year's Eve and impressed them with my Arabic skills

Visited Jerusalem twice

Walked around my beautiful neighbourhood every day

Was reunited with my sister in February

Took my obligatory 'sitting on the edge' picture in Petra

Went thrifting A LOT

Discovered a new, artsy side of Amman

Had loads of food, most of it homemade! #proud

Escaped Amman for a hike in a wadi

Admired the views

Experienced life like the Jordanians do

Went on a last-minute trip to Beirut
And met loads of awesome people!
Inshallah we'll meet again, Jordan!

June 14, 2014

A year abroad in outfits

 So, I just said goodbye to my all my friends here so this is really the end of my Middle Eastern adventure! I will post an elaborate 'looking back on this year' post soon, but as this is first of all a fashion blog, I wanted to share with you a compilation of all my outfits of the past nine months! Ready? Yalla!

My most recent outfit (blogpost here) - a sunny winter day - black & white, all time favourite

From my first few months in Amman! Miss my rooftop background.

My second time visiting Wadi Rum - White outfits are never a good idea in Amman - Favourite thrifted camel coat!

Black jumpsuit in Jerusalem - another jumpsuit, thrifted - And my other favourite thrifted coat!

This picture was actually taken in London, but this was basically my winter uniform in Amman - black & white again - and again... #ihaveaproblem

I wore these jeans so much they are literally falling apart! - First time visiting Petra - Another basic outfit

A more modest outfit for visiting Jerusalem's Holy Site - Another of my favourite outfits, in Wadi Rum - My 1 euro thrifted coat has served me well..

All white outfit, and my favourite slip-ons - Ripped jeans, only for inside the house! - Love this snake print sweater

Those jeans again... - Loose trousers are a must in Jordan - Another recent outfit. Also, I touch my hair way too much.

Best trousers ever - Second visit to Petra, so cold! - All black & grey, my signature look.

Yes of course I wore more outfits than this... but a) I didn't always have a photographer, b) When living with a limited amount of clothes, there's a lot of outfit repeating and c) this post is long enough as it is! Got a fave?

June 8, 2014

Culotte jumpsuit

I'm wearing: ASOS jumpsuit & slip-ons | H&M crop top | MANGO bag
It doesn't get much better than culottes & jumpsuit in one. At least not in my book. It's not always easy to dress appropriately yet fashionable in the Middle East (ripped jeans? crop tops? Eh...) but this outfit is definitely one of my favourites yet. The only things I would change is heels instead of slip-ons, since I wasn't exactly blessed with the slimmest ankles in the world. Ah, we can't have it all!

June 7, 2014


Just a quick outfit post - I wore this to go for a night of firsts: I went to see some of my friends Handel's Messiah with the Amman Choir (you might not know this, but I'm a big classical music geek) and not only was it incredible (goosebumps!), there was also free wine & cheese after the concert - which btw took place in a church (!) Definitely a side of Amman I hadn't discovered yet!

I'm wearing: ZARA trousers | ASOS top & slip-ons | MANGO bag

June 5, 2014

Delicate gold

Delicate gold

I've been so much into delicate gold jewellery lately, especially combined with the latest trend in earparty: the Dior pearl earrings. I already found the perfect lookalikes on Etsy, or you can even make them yourself here. I might add some of these to my birthday wishlist (still more than a month to go, but better to be prepared!). I used to hate pearls for people under the age of 65, but what can I say: My name is Siel and I'm a fashion victim. 

June 3, 2014


Oh, Beirut. I had an awesome three days exploring the city (even half a day by myself - something I very much recommend!) also known as the Paris of the Middle East. It was definitely liberating to be able to walk around without getting harassed on every street corner (Amman, I'm talking to you..) and enjoy great food with amazing people. When walking around the beautifully restored downtown Beirut, it's hard to imagine this city being completely destroyed by the civil war not so long ago. There are still some landmarks like the Holiday Inn hotel (photo 16-17) that remind us of the fact that although Beirut (and Lebanon for the most part) is now a vibrant and safe place, it hasn't always been like this.
Anyway, I'm glad I took the last-minute decision to see Beirut before the end of my Middle Eastern adventure - 1,5 week to go and to be honest, I couldn't be more excited!