May 29, 2014

Low key

Nothing better than spending a Saturday afternoon in a little café, drinking iced tea while doing some casual studying and catching up with friends. That's exactly what I did last weekend, right before I took these pictures in my lovely neighbourhood - oh I will miss it so much. I have a little more than two weeks left before I head back to Belgium, and that's why I decided to go on a last-minute trip to Beirut this weekend - gotta make the most of my time here, right? By the time you read this I'll be in Beirut already (inshallah...), see you in a few days!

I'm wearing: ASOS jeans | thrifted shirt | ZARA shoes | MANGO bag

May 27, 2014

Metal frame

Metal rim sunglasses

On my summer wishlist: a pair of metal frame sunglasses. It's highly unlikely that I'll end up with the Ray Ban ones - although gorgeous and very high quality, a budget option is more suitable for my current wallet situation. I do love some vintage sunglasses - it's all about recycling! #90sareback
Got a favourite?

May 25, 2014

CR Fashion Book

I stumbled upon this editorial from CR Fashion Book which has convinced me mutliple layers of denim and knitwear are needed in my life, as well as some pointy loafers. Mental note for Fall...

Source: CR Fashion Book

May 23, 2014

Slides: the edit


There's no way around it: slides are hot this summer - although 'hot' is very ironically since they can be considered one of the most man repelling shoe choices - and I'm still deciding on which pair to get. It is a lifechanging decision folks. I still have a love-hate relationship with the infamous Birkenstocks - my mum has been a fan of their sensible slippers for years, and she's had to endure my criticism for an equal amount of time. Apparently, only until this year. Am I ready to accept the fact that my mum has now surpassed me fashionwise? I might go all out and splurge on the pony hair ones - drastic measurements are needed to bring me back in the fashion lead...

May 21, 2014


Meet my new favourite piece: this jumpsuit. They can be so hard to get right: too baggy, too plain, too tight etc. But this one ticks all the boxes and it was super cheap too - I won't tell you how cheap exactly because you will hate me too much. With the hot weather we've been having lately I was definitely in need of loose clothing - tight jeans doesn't do a lot of favours when you have to run errands in the scorching heat! (Arabs literally use the word 'fire' when the weather is this hot... oh they know well)

I'm wearing: Thrifted jumpsuit | ZARA shoes | NEW LOOK leather jacket | MANGO bag

May 19, 2014

Denim cut-offs

Meet my newest obsession: cut-off denim shorts. I've found the best selection of Levi jeans at Amman's weekly vintage market - and although they are definitely not appropriate for wearing in Jordan, there's no harm in expanding my denim collection for when I get back, right? Cut-off Levi shorts are a classic and I don't see them going out of style any time soon, and for a couple of bucks each I couldn't leave them. Now fitting everything I bought on that famous market into two suitcases... that will be another story.

May 17, 2014

Blog break

Oh hey there! You might have noticed it's been a little quiet around here for the last few weeks. Truth is, I didn't really felt like blogging due to lack of inspiration (and therefore being tired of all my clothes #nothingtowear) and some personal issues. And the fact that I didn't have a photographer for a while was another problem. However, I'm back with outfits and loads of inspiration - it's my last month in Jordan so I better make the most of it! Here's what I've been up to the last few weeks - follow me on instagram for daily updates.

Exploring Amman: 1. Art exhibition. 2. Sunset in the neighbourhood. 3. My favourite Friday activity: thrifting!

Expanding my denim wardrobe thanks to Amman's vintage market! 4. Denim shirt. 5. Levi cutoff DIY project with a friend. 6. Finally found the perfect mom jeans!

A lot of cooking: 7. Tofu salad with peanut dressing. 8. Avocado salad. 9. My favourite breakfast! 

Mastered the #fromwhereistand and wore a lot of leopard print shoes.

FInding ways to cope with the heat: 10. Crop tops & denim shorts: only inside the house! 11. Spending the day at the swimming pool, bliss. 12. Sandals broke, turned them into slides.

Took a lot of selfies...

13. Afternoons on my little balcony. 14. Potluck dinner with friends! 15. Mother's Day and my mum's birthday last week - really looking forward to going home now...