February 10, 2014

Grey matters

I'm back from my semi-break! As you know, I got some company this week and of course I had to show them around Jordan - picture overload to follow. For now, I'm glad to have my boyfriend in town, not only for his great company (obv) but also because he always takes my outfit pictures without complaining (as long as he gets his share of hummus every day he's happy) I often don't get the chance to photograph my daily outfits as I'm too busy with schoolwork (boo) or there's no one nearby who can take my pictures... Note to self: bribe friends with homemade muffins to have them take your pictures.

I'm wearing my new boots I bought in the Topshop sale (only one pair left, in my size: a true case of 'meant to be') and after the obligatory first day-blister they have become a good companion in the still chilly Amman weather. See you soon!

I'm wearing: vintage sweater & coat | H&M jeans | TOPSHOP boots | ASOS beanie