January 18, 2014

Playing Tourist

Between Christmas and New Year's, my parents came to visit me in Jordan. We've travelled to Jordan 3 years ago, so it wasn't a complete new experience for them, although we managed to visit some places we haven't been before, and eat much better falafel and hummus than the last time we were here! It was really great to see my parents again after four months and to guide them around in 'my' city and impressing them with my Arabic skills! Haha. We explored Amman for one day, and then went on to Feynan, a nature reserve where we spent a night in an ecolodge, a really unique place in Jordan with a natural and ecological approach: there's no electricity, the food is vegetarian  and you stay in the middle of the nature reserve where you can go for hikes or mountainbiking (that's what we did). Of course we couldn't miss a visit to the Dead Sea, although it was actually a bit too chilly for going into the water. I only went in to take my obligatory 'floating on the Dead Sea' picture, as you can see above. Enough talking, more pictures!

Amman, the city of hills

Driving by the Dead Sea en route to Feynan

Tea, always...

In the evening the lodge gets lid by candles, so romantic!

Oh yes, that's me conquering that hill! Nailed it.

Sunset at the Dead Sea

Jordanian food for life.
Amman, you beautiful.