January 28, 2014

Jerusalem round 2

I was lucky to go back to Jerusalem around New Year's with my parents, after falling in love with the city on my first visit in November. I'll just say this: It's a good thing I joined the gym when I got back in Amman after 3 days of food overload! We rented an apartment close to the Mahane Yehuda market where we bought our breakfast everyday: fresh pastries, fruits, yogurt, cheese etc. Oh the things I'do do for one of those cinnamon frosted buns. We celebrated NYE by going to a lovely restaurant and indulging in several courses of yummy food (I see a pattern here...) I didn't take as many pictures as the last time cause obviously I'd seen most of the city already, although this still means around 400 pictures I had to work my way through - whoops. Hope you enjoy!

January 22, 2014

Street cred

street cred

I have to admit I've fallen into the hype of the Adidas Stan Smith sneakers - combined with classy pieces they can make a pretty awesome outfit in my opinion! Of course I couldn't resist adding those super classy $$ earrings - gotta keep my street credibility up (or start to get some...) Now if  only my alltime favourite Abdali market could provide me with some vintage Adidas sneaks, my life would be complete. Yes.

January 18, 2014

Playing Tourist

Between Christmas and New Year's, my parents came to visit me in Jordan. We've travelled to Jordan 3 years ago, so it wasn't a complete new experience for them, although we managed to visit some places we haven't been before, and eat much better falafel and hummus than the last time we were here! It was really great to see my parents again after four months and to guide them around in 'my' city and impressing them with my Arabic skills! Haha. We explored Amman for one day, and then went on to Feynan, a nature reserve where we spent a night in an ecolodge, a really unique place in Jordan with a natural and ecological approach: there's no electricity, the food is vegetarian  and you stay in the middle of the nature reserve where you can go for hikes or mountainbiking (that's what we did). Of course we couldn't miss a visit to the Dead Sea, although it was actually a bit too chilly for going into the water. I only went in to take my obligatory 'floating on the Dead Sea' picture, as you can see above. Enough talking, more pictures!

January 12, 2014

White & pinstripe

I'm sure I've told you about this awesome coat I found at my favourite (and only...) vintage market in Amman for less than 10 euros! It fits me perfectly and it's slightly pinstriped (although you can't really see on these pictures), one of my favourite A/W trends. The rest of this outfit (except for my trusty boots) is new: the bag was a Christmas present from my aunt, the trousers part of a massive Asos order I had delivered at home so my parents could bring it to me (totally planning on doing that again when my boyfriend and sister are coming over) and the fluffly sweater I bought in London. Yes, I'm still a little girl who wants to wear her brand new clothes straight away. 

January 8, 2014

Christmas in London

I had the most amazing time in London with my boyfriend! It was a short visit, just 3 days but everything I longed for: coziness, good food, long talks, wine, cuddles and walking around our favourite city. I arrived half a day earlier, so I didn't have to drag the bf through Oxford Street during the busiest time of the year! I ended up not buying too much though, as there were crazy lines for the changing rooms and most of the stuff I liked I could not get away with in Jordan (mini leather skirts, anyone?). On Christmas Day there was no public transport in London so we rented a Boris Bike to play tourist at Big Ben and Westminster, ending our trip with a food overload at an Indian restaurant - Indian food is probably one of the main reasons I definitely want to move to London some day.