December 16, 2013


After two days without electricity and after experiencing the worst snow storm in the Middle East in ages, I can say one thing: I will never take central heating for granted anymore. Obviously these pictures were taking a while ago, when the weather still allowed for ripped jeans and light knit tops. Oh those days! These jeans are what I call NSFA - Not Suitable For Amman. I've only worn them twice since I've been here: in Petra (where this could be considered modest dressing compared to the other tourists in tiny shorts and tank tops) and in my apartment, since walking around in Amman showing leg like this would not be a pleasant experience - for me at least, since the shabaab (Jordanian youth) would go even crazier than usual if they saw me in these jeans. Totally not bragging btw, this is just what women experience every day when walking down the Amman streets.
I'm glad to have moved to a more liberal-minded neighbourhood, where ripped jeans and 'fashionable' outfits are less frowned upon, but with the current weather situation, I don't see bare knees in the near future...

I'm wearing: Asos jeans | Zara top & boots | thrifted coat