November 17, 2013

Wadi Rum

I know, I'm really behind on my travel reports and on blogging in general, sorry! My internet connection is just the slowest and ficklest thing in the world - if it were a guy, we'd broken up hundreds of times by now. Thank God I'm moving apartments in two weeks and I'll be having proper wifi there! Anyway, here are some pictures of my trip to Wadi Rum a few weeks ago - we spend the entire day cruising around in a jeep (I even got to drive it for a while!) exploring the desert and enjoying the spectacular views. We slept in a camp literally in the middle of the desert, which I can definitely recommend: the atmosphere was amazing and we could see so many stars at night, hashtag romantic! I'll just let the pictures do the talking again, hope you enjoy!

I was wearing: Zara trousers | Mango top | Vero Moda jacket | & Other Stories shoes