November 28, 2013

Cosy winter & conscious shopping

cosy winter

So blogging hasn't been my biggest priority lately.. Sorry for that. It seems that our teachers decided to kill us with homework, papers and presentations this week... Don't worry, I'm still alive, but it could be a bit more quiet around here for the next week too. 

As I told you before, shopping in Jordan hasn't been much to write home about. After browsing through the endless racks of clothes at the several malls in Amman I realised shopping for the sake of having something new, and buying something just because it was 'cheap' doesn't interest me anymore. I discussed this topic briefly on my facebook page last week, but cheap stores like Primark, Forever21 & co. are no longer on my to-do list, as most of their clothes are made in sweatshops in Asia (we all remember the Bangladesh clothing factory drama...) and I just don't think it's right. I've always been raised in an eco-conscious family and since we've been talking about sustainability and environment issues in class this week, I've started questioning my living and shopping habits. I try to live and eat healthy, buy organic and fairtrade products, save energy etc. and now it's time to adapt my shopping habits. I'd rather save up a bit more to get something with great quality than buy crappy pieces that have been produced by people for less than $1 a day. It's so easy to just give in and get that Primark sweater because its so damn cheap, but RESIST. I. WILL.

Also, thanks mom for chipping in and buying me that awesome Cos sweater!

What is your opinion on conscious fashion?

PS: I know some of the items in this collage aren't considered conscious shopping (or affordable for that matter - $1000 silk trousers, anyone?), but you can't go cold turkey from one day to another, right? ;)