October 19, 2013

Amman 10K Run

One month ago, I could barely run 4k without stopping. One year ago, I couldn't run 100 meters without being out of breath, and if you told me in high school that one day I would run 10K I would've laughed in your face, sitting in my cosy couch. 

But times change, and since my second year in university I've started to go to the gym (mainly because I wanted to spy on my boyfriend working out - shhht) but failed to get into the habit of it. Last year I started Jillian Michaels and Cassey's pilates video's but never fully committed to it. But a few weeks ago, I saw one of my classmates saying on facebook that she would be doing a 10K run in Amman, and I thought "I can do this too!" I had been going to the gym (kind of a necessity with all the food here in Jordan...) but I needed a goal I could work to. I started to run on the treadmill every two days, starting with 5K and adding up every time until I reached 10K. I'm glad to say that I ran the Amman 10K in 1 hour and 12 seconds in the burning sun (30 degrees) and finished it without walking. 

Of course it doesn't end here. I wouldn't say I'm completely addicted to running now (I've only gone to the gym a few times (too much homework + holiday, you know..) but I know there's another 10K run in December (there's also a half marathon but that woudl be a bit too ambitious!) so I'm definitely going on - I just have to have a goal to work towards or I just end up on my couch again. I might even follow my friend Emily's (who has encouraged me a lot during my training, love you babe) example and start running at 5AM. I have no idea if it's possible to run in my conservative islamic neighbourhood, but there shouldn't many people outside that early, right?
Except maybe for the muezzin going to the mosque to call for the early prayer. Note to self: don't wear shorts. (Just kidding, I would never wear shorts in Amman. I swear, mom!)

Any running tips or advice welcome btw!