September 10, 2013

Rooftop views

So how do you guys like my new background? This is the rooftop of my apartment in Amman, from which you have a great view of the city. Ok I'll stop the bragging now.
As you might know, the dress code is Jordan is a little bit different than in Belgium (or any other Western country), aka no short dresses, bare shoulders or deeply cut out tops. I wouldn't be having too much trouble with that if it weren't for the weather that is OMGSOHOT. I've never been good at coping with hot weather, let's hope temperatures will cool down soon! Unlikely though.

This is what I wore for my second day of class btw. I bought the top when I had to spend a whole day in transit at London Heathrow - yay for dutyfree Zara stores! I'm still on the lookout for those awesome Acne inspired boots though, The Zara store in Amman hasn't brought me any luck so far. Inshallah!

Wearing: Zara top & shoes | H&M jeans