August 20, 2013

What the future brings

Instagram diary from the last couple of weeks - I'm becoming a pro in the #fromwhereistand work outfit pictures!

So sorry for the lack of posts the past week, I've been dealing with some personal stuff that has been taking up all my free time! As you might know, I was going to be studying in Cairo, Egypt for the next five months. Unfortunately due to the recent events in Egypt going there is no longer an option. Our university does little to nothing to help us find an alternative - they suggest leaving for Egypt in October instead of September or going in the 2nd semester (both not really safe options!) - and finishing my masters degree here in Leuven really isn't an attractive option: we learn very little Arabic, as we have to translate loads of incredibly difficult texts and have to learn 5000 new words every semester but we actually speak very little Arabic in class and don't really learn how to use it in daily life - that's why we would go to the Middle East! - so I don't see the point of doing my masters degree here when I don't learn anything new or useful and would just spend another year studying my ass off for a something my heart isn't really in anymore.

So. I've been looking for other options for a few weeks now (unlike the International department of our university who was still assuming we were going to Cairo two weeks ago, despite the situation going from alarming to worse every day, and who wasn't even looking for alternatives because "it's not worth it". Damn I could write a novel about how our university organises things here. Anyway.) and the best thing I've found is an Arabic Language Institute in Amman, Jordan where we would attend Advanced Arabic & dialect classes. So unless our university comes up with an incredible offer to let us study somewhere in the Middle-East, I will most likely be studying in Jordan in two weeks! Hash tag very excited.

If all goes well (applying, writing an essay, getting recommendation letters etc.) and I get accepted, I could be leaving Belgium for more than 6 months to live and study in the Middle East! This surely will be one of the biggest adventures in my life (so far, at least) and a big change for the blog as well! I'll definitely let you know when everything is final, but in the meantime things are really excited and a bit stressful around here, so bare with me for a few more days/weeks.

Talk to you soon!