August 4, 2013

Melilla & Al-Hoceima

Whoops, sudden blog hiatus? I've been busy with my new holiday job every day this week so no time for blogging... Oh well, I've spoilt you while I was on holiday by preparing posts for every two days, didn't I? I'll start right away with my Morocco holiday recap, which I'll try to limit to 4 posts, haha. Well, we landed in Nador - literally nothing to see there - to head straight to Melilla, one of the two Spanish enclaves in northern Morocco. I felt immediately like I was back in Barcelona: plazas, tapas and even a Zara! We stayed in Melilla for two nights before heading back to Al-Hoceima Morocco, a beach town that could've been really pretty if it wasn't for the giant hotel that was built right on the beach, completely ruining the view. Luckily we found a more remote beach a few kilometers away (including a 25cents bus ride... gotta love Morocco), where we stayed for the entire afternoon just relaxing, swimming, sleeping and eating grilled fish. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Our (almost) private beach in Melilla, a bit cloudy though!

I received these shorts from Persunmall the day before I left for Morocco (I'd ordered them two weeks earlier, so the delivery is quite fast!), so I immediately threw them in my backpack! I've worn them a lot during my trip cause they're really comfortable yet fashionable - 10 days of travelling with a backpack in hot weather did pose some sartorial problems from time to time! I'm also really into black & white lately as you may have noticed, so I love this cow print number!
I'm wearing: Primark top, Persunmall shorts (find them here), Zara sandals, H&M bag and sandals

I'm wearing: H&M top (cropped by me), skirt & bag, Zara sandals


I'm wearing: Asos bikini & H&M dress