August 12, 2013

Falling off

These might just be my new favourite pants, if they wouldn't just fall off my ass every 5 minutes! I was stupid enough to buy them in a UK size 10 (I'm normally a size 8) in order to wear them a bit oversized and baggy, and they didn't fall off when I tried them on in the fitting rooms (must be because I bought these two days after I'd finished my exams - the post-exam food overload was still leaving its traces - but I wore these to work last week and I had to pull them up all the time (such an attractive sight...) I didn't wear these heels to work (sports store, remember) but as I said before, I really miss wearing heels throughout the week, as well as shorts & skirts. If anyone knows of the existence of 'sporty' skirts, let me know!

I'm wearing: Primark trousers & sunglasses, Zara blazer, sweater & sandals