August 6, 2013

Day off

You have no idea how good it felt to wear shorts (and heels! I know...) after three days of long trousers and jeans, because that's the dress code at my holiday job (I work in a sports store). I'm already sweating before I've even entered the store as public transport in summer equals pure hell. I already wore these shorts and shirt together in Morocco but with different shoes, so it qualifies as a different outfit OK. Staying creative in your fashion choices is so hard in summer. Hey, I'm allowed to complain as I wasn't one of those people who wished for 30 degrees in the beginning of July. I'm already satisfied with 20 degrees and just a bit of sunshine!
PS: Excuse my tired face - I still have to get used to the work rhythm, haha. 
Also, the lighting is different in every picture due to the sun disappearing & reappearing all the time, sorry!

I'm wearing: Zara shorts & sandals, vintage shirt