July 17, 2013

Roma day 3

Last day in beautiful Rome! We headed to the centre of the city by noon - we went out the night before so we slept a bit too long but hey, that's what holidays are for, right? - to see the Trevi fountain, Pantheon and Piazza Navona. It's funny how those places are crowded with tourists, and especially on the terraces of the surrounding restaurants, while just around the corner there are no tourists to be seen. Of course that's where we went, and that's where we had what can be classified as the best pizza of our life. It really helps to have a good travel guide (we used 100% Rome & Trotter guide) to spot those places that aren't discovered by the big crowd (yet). It gives me a sort of kick to find unique places where only the locals go. Does that make me a travel geek? Oh well.

Pizza at Záza: everything is organic and tastes amazing!

Sant'Eustachio, said to be the best espresso in Rome (or the whole world!), only €1 but don't sit outside or they'll charge you an extra 5 (!) euros, quite a lot for those 30 seconds you need to drink your espresso, haha!

Church of San Ignazio 

Wine tasting at Enoteca Buccone

Dinner at Grappolo d'Oro: so good!

All photos taken with my Nikon D90 and 18-70mm lens