July 13, 2013

Roma day 2

Another must-see in Rome is of course Vatican City and the Saint Peter's Square. We patiently waited in the line to visit the Basilica, which was well worth the waiting, so impressive! We decided to go for lunch first and then see if the line for the Vatican Musea had gotten shorter, and luckily there was almost no line when we arrived! Of course we visited the Sistine Chapel (amazing but the rest of the Musea is equally great in my opinion) and Raffael's paintings, which you'll see on the photos below. A gelato was very much needed after the musea tour, and that aperitivo didn't hurt either ;) Scroll down for more pictures!

Delicious & fresh pizza at Pizzarium (more info here)

View from Gelateria del Teatro (more info here)

Drinks at Chiostro del Bramante, a 15th century monastery turned into art gallery and bar!

such a model ;)

All photos taken with my Nikon D90 and 18-70mm lens