July 10, 2013

Roma day 1

I'm not going to write a lot in these travel posts because after all, pictures say more than a thousand words, right? My boyfriend and I had the most amazing three days in Rome: sunshine (although a bit too much for me, I have to admit!), pretty sights, amazing food and each other's company, what more do you want? On our first day we visited the must-see Rome attractions: the Forum Romanum and Colosseum. My inner geek was very happy to finally see everything I've learned in those Latin classes in high school, while my inner foodie was very satisfied by the visit to a typical Roman enotéca or wine bar where we tasted the most delicious wine, accompanied by some antipasti (find it here). The perfect ending to a lovely first day in la bella Roma

the view from our apartment, rented through Airbnb (very much recommended!)

daily breakfast: delicious cappucino for only €1!

I'm wearing a Zara top & skort, Primark sneakers and H&M sunglasses

View from the Caffé Capitolino: don't go for a drink (very expensive), just enjoy the amazing view over Rome.