July 15, 2013

Casual chic

Remember this skirt I wore when I had to play a concert back in November? I haven't really worn it much since then except for the Christmas Eve family party, but when I saw Sabina wear it in a casual way, I decided to imitate her (the sincerest form of flattery...) and wear mine with a simple top, sandals and a denim jacket. For me this is a casual outfit, although I did attract some strange looks in the streets of Leuven while wearing this. It's strange that I don't even consider myself particulary stylish compared to 'big' bloggers but for the people in my little town I am always considered overdressed and wearing "very special things". That's one of the reasons I love big cities: you see so many different people dressed in different ways, no one really looks up if you're wearing something "special" or if you're posing for outfit photos. Ah well!

Ph. by Stef Vandevelde

I'm wearing: Asos skirt, Zara top, sandals & bag, Primark jacket, H&M sunglasses