July 12, 2013


Today is my 21st birthday! I don't feel older than when I was 20 (maybe because when I'm writing this, I'm still 20...) and I haven't spotted any wrinkles yet, so I'm quite excited to be 21! It sounds so... grown up? Haha. The photo is from my 5th birthday btw, as you can see from my selfmade birthday crown. I was already rocking the dungaree trend back then!
I'm leaving very early today for Barcelona with my family, we're going by car as my parents have rented a villa in Catalonia where they will be relaxing after we've spent a few days in Barcelona. I'm coming home on Wednesday by plane, but I've scheduled some posts for you so you won't notice my abscence. Any last-minute recommendations for Barcelona are much appreciated! See you soon!