July 30, 2013

Front Row

Front Row Shop

First row: Dress with back split - White asymmetrical top -  Dress with waist knot
Second row: Black bermuda pants -  Red pleated dress - Side opening sleeveless top

During my endless scrolling through fashion blogs and webshops - what else is there to do on a rainy day - I discovered this awesome webshop called Front Row Shop. I immediately fell in love with their clean and unsual designs that remind me of a mixture between my favourite stores: Zara, Asos and COS, but with more reasonable prices! I definitely clicked some of these in my basket (I can hear my bank account crying already...), now I just have to decide which one I will click home. I swear I'm not paid to say all this btw, I just wanted to inform you of this awesome discovery - Contrary to the dozens of Asian webshops that basically offer all the same stuff it's nice to see there are still webshops that offer different pieces without burning a hole in your bank account, right?

July 28, 2013

Hola Barcelona! (3)

On Tuesday we continued where we left off the day before and visited Casa Batlló, another splendid building designed by Antoni Gaudí. After some shopping damage (Zara is part of the Spanish heritage too, right?) and a delicious lunch at la Boqueria we were ready to explore Parc Güell, together with hoards of tourists planning on doing the same thing. We ended the day with some tapas overload, just the way I like it!

July 26, 2013

Hola Barcelona! (2)

On our third day in Barcelona we visited the masterpiece that is the Sagrada Familia. I had seen the basilica on photos before, but standing in front of it and seeing the amazing interior was just a unique experience. We continued the day in Art Nouveau-style and visited the Hospital de Sant Pau (sadly partly closed for renovation), followed by Palau Güell and Casa Milà, two other masterpieces designed by Gaudi. 
The night before (forgot to include that in my last post) we went out for dinner at Teresa Carles, a uberhip but very affordable vegetarian restaurant where I had one of the best meals in ages! Definitely recommended!

July 24, 2013

White & Blue

Sorry for the slightly overexposed photos - apparently my camera was on the wrong setting and I only noticed when I got home, d'oh! I haven't had the chance to wear my new blazer I got in the pre-sales a few weeks ago, mainly because we've been having the best weather lately! I'm not complaining, although hot weather makes it difficult to create good outfits: I don't want to wear much more than shorts and a simple top or just a dress! As a redhead, I don't handle heat and sun very well, as I instantly turn into a sweating tomato. Sexay!

July 22, 2013

Hola Barcelona! (1)

My four-day trip in Barcelona was amazing! One of the best city trips I've done so far, as Barcelona really has it all: food, views, culture, sun & shopping. Definitely a must-go if you're thinking of going away for a few days. As I said in a previous post, we left on Friday (my birthday!) by car and drove all day to arrive at Béziers in the South of France in the evening. On Saturday we only had to drive a few hours to drive before arriving in Barcelona, where we quickly headed to La Boqueria, the big market at only two steps from our hotel. After a quick lunch, we explored the Barrio Gotico, the oldest neighbourhood of Barcelona, and Plaça Reial. The next day we visited the amazing Palau de la Musica (designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner, one of Barcelona's famous Art Nouveau architects) and relaxed at the Parc de la Ciutadella. Enough talking, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

July 20, 2013


Ever since I saw this picture on Andria's instagram (loving her blog btw!), I wanted to wear my new vintage shirt tied around my waist. There's no denying that the 90's are back, and I have to admit that this is a look I've sported many times on school trips or hiking trips with my parents, tying my raincoat (oh come on, we all had one like that!) around my waist while singing 'the hills are alive' (oh yes...). I quite liked how my outfit turned out, and special thanks to my boyfriend who took these pictures for me in the gorgeous sunlight! He did take a lot of close-up photos of my legs though. Boys will be boys, eh?

July 19, 2013


I had the best time in Barcelona with my family! A full report is coming soon (took way too many photos again, I never learn...), but for now I'm sharing some of my instagram snapshots with you. Make sure you're following me on instagram to see my updates (I'm obsessed!)
As you're reading this, I'm getting ready to take the plane to Morocco where I will be backpacking with my boyfriend for 10 days! I'm very lucky to be able to travel so much this year (although my bank account is looking rather sad now...) but as long as I don't have a fulltime job, I try to get the maximum out of my holidays. When I get back, it's time for work again!
See you soon!

July 17, 2013

Roma day 3

Last day in beautiful Rome! We headed to the centre of the city by noon - we went out the night before so we slept a bit too long but hey, that's what holidays are for, right? - to see the Trevi fountain, Pantheon and Piazza Navona. It's funny how those places are crowded with tourists, and especially on the terraces of the surrounding restaurants, while just around the corner there are no tourists to be seen. Of course that's where we went, and that's where we had what can be classified as the best pizza of our life. It really helps to have a good travel guide (we used 100% Rome & Trotter guide) to spot those places that aren't discovered by the big crowd (yet). It gives me a sort of kick to find unique places where only the locals go. Does that make me a travel geek? Oh well.

July 15, 2013

Casual chic

Remember this skirt I wore when I had to play a concert back in November? I haven't really worn it much since then except for the Christmas Eve family party, but when I saw Sabina wear it in a casual way, I decided to imitate her (the sincerest form of flattery...) and wear mine with a simple top, sandals and a denim jacket. For me this is a casual outfit, although I did attract some strange looks in the streets of Leuven while wearing this. It's strange that I don't even consider myself particulary stylish compared to 'big' bloggers but for the people in my little town I am always considered overdressed and wearing "very special things". That's one of the reasons I love big cities: you see so many different people dressed in different ways, no one really looks up if you're wearing something "special" or if you're posing for outfit photos. Ah well!

Ph. by Stef Vandevelde

I'm wearing: Asos skirt, Zara top, sandals & bag, Primark jacket, H&M sunglasses

July 13, 2013

Roma day 2

Another must-see in Rome is of course Vatican City and the Saint Peter's Square. We patiently waited in the line to visit the Basilica, which was well worth the waiting, so impressive! We decided to go for lunch first and then see if the line for the Vatican Musea had gotten shorter, and luckily there was almost no line when we arrived! Of course we visited the Sistine Chapel (amazing but the rest of the Musea is equally great in my opinion) and Raffael's paintings, which you'll see on the photos below. A gelato was very much needed after the musea tour, and that aperitivo didn't hurt either ;) Scroll down for more pictures!

July 12, 2013


Today is my 21st birthday! I don't feel older than when I was 20 (maybe because when I'm writing this, I'm still 20...) and I haven't spotted any wrinkles yet, so I'm quite excited to be 21! It sounds so... grown up? Haha. The photo is from my 5th birthday btw, as you can see from my selfmade birthday crown. I was already rocking the dungaree trend back then!
I'm leaving very early today for Barcelona with my family, we're going by car as my parents have rented a villa in Catalonia where they will be relaxing after we've spent a few days in Barcelona. I'm coming home on Wednesday by plane, but I've scheduled some posts for you so you won't notice my abscence. Any last-minute recommendations for Barcelona are much appreciated! See you soon!

July 10, 2013

Roma day 1

I'm not going to write a lot in these travel posts because after all, pictures say more than a thousand words, right? My boyfriend and I had the most amazing three days in Rome: sunshine (although a bit too much for me, I have to admit!), pretty sights, amazing food and each other's company, what more do you want? On our first day we visited the must-see Rome attractions: the Forum Romanum and Colosseum. My inner geek was very happy to finally see everything I've learned in those Latin classes in high school, while my inner foodie was very satisfied by the visit to a typical Roman enotéca or wine bar where we tasted the most delicious wine, accompanied by some antipasti (find it here). The perfect ending to a lovely first day in la bella Roma

July 9, 2013


I'm still sorting out my 1000+ photos I took on my trip to Rome, so here's a little preview from instagram! We managed to visit most of the tourist attractions (I've seen enough socks & sandals for the rest of my life now...) combined with a lot of wine and delicious food. Prepare for some serious picture overload in the next few days! I'll also share some of my favourite places and hotspots with you. See you soon!

PS: In the meantime you can check my last outfit post too!

July 5, 2013

Cold legs

From a maxi skirt in my last post to the shortest mini skirt I own: who says I don't have variation in my outfits? I was a little bit cold in my bare legs here, but I really wanted to wear my new Asos shoes - They are amazing! And on sale too, which makes them even better. I was only able to make a few photos before my battery died but from the 7 photos we took, 5 were actually good! Normally I have to take at least 40 pictures to get 6 or 7 good ones. At the moment I'm hopefully enjoying pretty and sunny Rome, so make sure to follow me on instagram or facebook to see what I'm up to!

July 3, 2013


As the sun finally came out in Belgium this weekend (it's raining again now though...), I decided to get my maxi skirt I bought last year out! Apparently the concept of the maxi skirt isn't quite known in my countryside area, as someone shouted at me when I was walking down the street, asking if I was getting married or something. I'm planning on stocking up on maxi dresses and skirts for my semester in Egypt, as wearing anything higher than the knee is frowned upon (and I really don't feel like getting harassed...) so I don't think I'll take this skirt (too much leg, omg!) but I'm definitely going to wear it a lot this summer. Especially with my new denim jacket I bought at Primark last week: the perfect summer staple! I can totally see me wearing it with my bikini btw <3>