June 12, 2013

Pajama dressing

One of the wost things that happen while studying: you're all dressed up down in sweatpants (or pajama's if you're really lazy... ahem), your greasy hair in a messy top knot and dark circles under your eyes, ready to study your ass off. And then the inevitable happens: you're out of green tea/toilet paper/chocolate/whatever and you need to get out to the OUTSIDE WORLD. So what do you do? You throw on your most comfy pants, an old pyjama top you found under a pile of clothes, your good old Converse sneakers, a jacket (you don't actually want people to see you're wearing a pyjama top with Hello Kitty on the front/back...), grab a pair of sunglasses and you're ready to go! At least, that's how I made up this outfit. Don't judge me.

What I'm wearing: Romwe pants, H&M top, Zara blazer, Converse sneakers