June 26, 2013

Hello freedom

This is the face of a person who just finished her exams yesterday and is now free as a bird! My last exam went pretty well too, so it's safe to say I'm quite happy. I went out for sushi with my boyfriend at lunch and some fries and burgers with friends in the evening! Just give me food and I'm happy. Ok, and shopping: I'm going for a little shopping spree at Primark in Li├Ęge tomorrow! Toda I'm planning on doing some cleaning (ok, a lot), making a banana zucchini bread with chocolate chips (that's about all I have left in my fridge and cupboard) and go for a run (work those chocolate bread calories back off, eh?) later on. Best of all? I woke up at 10AM without having to set my alarm for the first time in a month. Ahhh, the good life.

What I'm wearing: Zara top, Primark jeans, H&M wedges