June 9, 2013

En Vogue

I'm not really a religious Vogue-reader (there's not much in it I can afford anyway, and I already find loads of inspiration online) but I like to have some fashion reading material on the long trainrides home - always gives me an instant glamorous feeling when I'm reading Vogue while other people are doing crosswords or sleeping (snorting included). I couldn't resist this month's Vogue Netherlands that came with this free T-shirt: I'm a sucker for free stuff! (Not those sticky lipglosses you sometimes get with Glamour though. Not worth it) Since I'm all for wearing comfy clothes while studying (not really though) I've been wearing this t-shirt nonstop the past weeks. Especially with loose shorts, hashtag pyjama dressing. On Friday I wore this to my first exam (which didn't go too well but yeah...) with this leather skirt I bought at the thrift store and altered into this mini skirt. A word of advice: leather skirts and exam chairs don't match. Sticky, sweaty and oh so squeaky. The things we do in the name of fashion...

What I'm wearing: DIY vintage leather skirt  (similar here), Vogue t-shirt, H&M wedges, Primark sunglasses