April 3, 2013

London report: Notting Hill & Harrods

What better way to end our trip to London with the beautiful Notthing Hill area? We went on Friday so we didn't see the typical Saturday morning antique market, but my travel guide told me it wasn't really worth it: Portobello Road gets supercrowded on Saturdays, and I wasn't going to buy antiques anyway! And let's face it: the real attraction of Portobello Road is the Hummingbird Bakery and its amazing cupcakes. Of course I had to try the red velvet cupcake (cliché but so good!), my boyfriend went for chocolate with cheesecake filling. Mmmmm! So worth it.

Jamie Oliver's store: drooling!

After a walk through Kensington Gardens, we passed by the Albert Memorial and Royal Albert Hall.

Being silly...

We also visited the Victoria and Albert museum (didn't take many photos here) and of course, Harrods:

And that's it for my London trip! Hope you enjoyed the pictures, I'm definitely going back - although probably not this summer: if you follow me on instagram, you might have seen my boyfriend and I booked a small trip to Rome in July! I want to book another holiday too but I'm still indecisive. Maybe backpacking with some friends in North Morocco (lovely villages and amazing beaches)? Any other suggestions are welcome!