March 17, 2013

Voile beanie


Just a quick outfit post today: I'm drowning in school work at the moment so I'm sorry if I'm not updating as much as I normally do! I wore this outfit last week when we received some of that (hopefully for the last time this season!) snow again. People told me I was nuts for going out in the snow with heels, but I think heels give better grip in the snow than flat shoes! I don't have any flat shoes except for AllStars, so that's not really an option. Anyway, I better get back to my paper I have to finish by tomorrow (procrastination much?), hope you had a lovely weekend! I had to play a concert on Saturday (not as fancy as the last one, but we got to wear our gala outfit again!), and I wore the shortest dress in history. Go me!

What I'm wearing: Primark trench, vintage skirt, ClothingLove sweater, DIY beanie,  Asos boots