March 30, 2013

The Impossible Blogosphere

A few days ago I had the pleasure to attend the Impossible Blogosphere event hosted by Smets in Brussels. After a long bus ride, my partner in crime Yasmine and I arrived at the fancy Smets store, where we could discover the S/S2013 collections while enjoying champagne and appetizers. As if seeing all those amazing designer pieces wasn't enough, we could try all of them on (!) and create an entire outfit, in which we got photographed to join the 'best outfit' competition. It took me about two hours to decide what to wear: so many gorgeous pieces! Most of it Everything was wayyyyy out of my budget, so it was a unique experience to be wearing this outfit.

I was wearing 3.1 Philip Lim jacket & Current Elliott jeans
My friend and vlogger Yasmine in her outfit:

Some photos of the store and the collection:

The Fashionistic Lover looking fine!

I didn't take photos of what I was wearing except for this mirror photo - and my designer outfit looked so much better anyway! I was wearing H&M pants & clutch, vintage jacket and Topshop heels. And I have no idea why I look like I have to pee.

Many thanks to Smets for the lovely evening, Sabrina (AfterDRK) for hosting the event (she's so lovely), and Yasmine (check out her vlogs, way too funny), Anouk, DanaNathalie and Thomas for the great company!

PS: After such a glamorous night, we wanted to unwind a bit and went for cheeseburgers and fries (so classy). After that, we took the wrong bus, leaving us stranded in the middle of nowhere. We then had to wait another hour for the last bus home, so we decided to go for a drink in the local dodgy-looking pub, where we ended up having a great time with the locals. Such fun! :D I was reallyglad to finally see my bed that night...