March 22, 2013

Sneakers pt. 2

So yeah, I got myself another pair of wedge sneakers! My other pair is actually completely worn out (the heel got all loose) and Asos was having a sale on again, so I added these white sneakers to my collection. They're so comfy! The pants are new too, from the H&M mid season sale. I love that they look a bit like track pants but not too sporty if you know what I mean. I actually was a bit cold walking around in bare ankles but shhht - I was so tired of my winter wardrobe! Wishing you a happy weekend, my homemade biryani leftovers are waiting for me (YUM) together with way too much school work (BOO). See ya!

What I'm wearing: H&M pants, Zara top, New Look leather jacket, Asos cap and sneakers