March 14, 2013


After a few days in busy London, we jumped on the bus to visit the wonderful Cambridge. I don't know about you, but I really got a Harry Potter-vibe here! The amazing buildings, perfect courtyards, small passages, big clocks,... We had a great time being showed around the city by my boyfriend's friends who study at Cambridge and were so kind to leave their shitload of school work (seriously, essays every week?! You won't hear me complaining about my occasional translation assignments anymore) and take us around places tourists aren't allowed to visit, such as Trinity College, Saint John's College and their dorms (which are way cooler than those in Leuven btw). My boyfriend and I both got really motivated to get studying after visiting Cambridge (well, at least for a week :D), and who knows, maybe one day I'll be there too, flying my broomstick  studying my ass off? Yeah, not gonna happen. But we can dream, right?

My boyfriend told me to dress (in his words) 'aproppriate' - aka no ripped jeans, slouchy coats or caps - so this is my most boring outfit of the trip :D (wearing H&M jeans & beanie, Zara sweater, vintage jacket & Topshop boots)

Best vegetarian burger I've ever had (black bean & jalapeƱo) YUM