February 9, 2013

Time for some DIY

Now that my exams are over (actually the new semester is starting in a few days but shhhhht) I've been doing some DIY-ing again! I already gave you a sneak peek a few days ago at my current project: transforming an ugly and way too long leather skirt (you might remember it from this post) into something like this:

I already shortened it to the perfect lenght, now I have to change the shape from A-line to 
bodycon. I think I'll have to pay my grandma (aka my sewing and DIY teacher) another visit...
Some other projects that are on my DIY to do-list:
This would be really cool with an Arabic newspaper! (Photo from Hallie Daily)
Hanna from Fashion and Politics made this awesome Celine t-shirt, I really want one too! (Photo from Fashion and Politics)
Photo from Fashion Freaks
Really want to make this clutch out of a keffiyeh scarf! (Photo from a Pair and a Spare)

Actually I made this Jil Sander inspired beanie today! This is how mine turned out (please don't mind my no make-up face):

And the best part: the Jil Sander one costs about 300 euros, while mine cost in total about 8 euros. Score! I followed this tutorial btw. 
Any DIY's you want to try? Or other great DIY blogs you like?