February 20, 2013

London report: Oxford Street, Soho & Westminster

Of course I couldn't spend a week in London without going shopping! So on Monday we took the tube and jumped off at Tottenham Court Road, right in front of the new and HUGE Primark, where I would spend the next two hours of our day :D

I should add that one bag is from my boyfriend! :D 
After dropping by Topshop (great clothes but a little expensive), we went for lunch at Marks&Spencer, aka food heaven:

Falafel & hummus salad, nomnomnom. They should really bring back Marks&Sparks in Belgium :(

After lunch, we decided to leave Oxford Street behind us and visit the Photographer's Gallery (didn't take pictures there) and explore Soho. This is one of the nicest neighboorhoods of London to walk in in my opinion: interesting shops and lovely atmosphere.

The Algerian Coffee Store - amazing coffee and chocolate!

At around 5PM we met up with some of my boyfriend's old friends who he hadn't seen in a few years - it was really nice catching up! One of his friends works in London and he took us to a restaurant where, in his opinion, they served "the best burgers in London". And because he works in the neighbourhood, he can eat there with a 50% discount! We weren't disappointed: this was indeed the best burger I've ever had in my life.

Shopping haul of the day!
After said delicious burger we went to a little pub, hidden in the basement of a house. I must admit, it's kinda cool to walk around London with a Londoner - you really get to see places you would never see as a tourist. Lovely evening <3 font="">

The next day we had actually planned to go to Canterbury, but we slept a bit too long and decided to just stay in London and do the typical tourist stuff: Big Ben, London Eye, Westminster & Buckingham Palace:

Don't be fooled by the blue sky, it was really freezing! Result: I looked like the red noised reindeer all day. Yay.

St James Park
We didn't go al the way to Buckingham Palace to see the change of the guards (too clichĂ©!), but we went on to Piccadilly Street to visit Fortnum and Mason (amazing interior and delicious tea) and Piccadilly Circus. We had lunch in Chinatown - all you can eat Chinese buffet for only £5. My boyfriend and I were talking about how we should write a travel guide called 'the lean traveller': we always manage to go on holiday in a very cheap way! If you don't include shopping sprees of course :D

Warming up at Costa Coffee near Covent Garden! I love how there's a Costa of Caffè Nero on every street corner - good coffee for a reasonable price (I'm really not a fan of Starbucks' overpriced and mediocre tasting coffee!) anywhere in London.

Walking by the Thames in the evening, so pretty <3 br="">
Hopefully you made it to the end! See you in a few days for my next London report!