February 12, 2013

London report: Brick Lane and South Bank

(Brick Lane)
Ahhh, London... I have to say I've lost my heart to this wonderful city. Yes, London and I are very much in love. I adore the atmosphere, the people, the food, the shopping, the always so friendly 'mind the gap' announcements, the diversity, the supermarkets that are open till midnight every day (hear that, Belgium??),... The fact that my boyfriend was giddy as a kid to be back in his favourite country AND his delicious British accent all added up to the awesomeness of our trip!

Enough rambling, on with the pictures! When we arrived on Saturday in the late afternoon, we decided to just have a relaxing evening, aka drinks in the pub followed by dinner in an excellent Indian restaurant (we're both curry lovers). Our little apartment was situated in East London, so on Sunday we decided to go to Brick Lane and Spitalfield Markets:

Sunday breakfast!

Taj Store: Apparently all the curry restaurant chefs buy their ingredients here. Of course I had to buy some spices and curry ingredients too! 

Lunch at Sunday UpMarket: I had a Turkish gözleme pancake filled with spicy meat, spinach and feta <3>

Old Spitalfields Market
I had a really hard time restraining myself from buying everything!
While walking through Brick Lane, a guy came to us asking if he could take our picture for a photography project called '100 strangers', for which he had to take a picture of 100 random people. Of course we agreed, and this is the result:

Thanks Chris for featured in this project, and reading all the comments on my photo really made me blush! 
After lunch we walked all the way to the Tower Bridge:

Especially for Annebeth because I know how much she loves this epic building :D We could actually see the Gherkin from our street, pretty cool!

As if we hadn't done enough walking, we continued on the South Bank to Borough Market (sadly enough it was closed), Shakespeare's Globe and Tate Modern, which I would have enjoyed much more if it wasn't so crowded. We were definitely not the only people who went on a city trip to London that weekend! 

The Shard

Millenium Bridge and St Paul's Cathedral
After a much needed coffee at Caffè Nero we headed home to make dinner: spaghetti bolognaise... with British sausages!

Hope you enjoyed my first London post - there's loads more to come! x