February 3, 2013

El Sublieme Photoshoot Preview

Hi lovelies! Those of you who follow me on twitter or instagram, know that I did a photoshoot for a dear friend of mine who designed her own collection of Moroccan dresses together with her aunt. I was very honoured when she asked me to be the photographer of the collection! We spent an entire day at her house: hair and make-up had to be done and about fifteen dresses had to be modelled, adjusted and photographed! I'm quite pleased with the result (and I hope she is too!) so I wanted to share a little preview of the shoot with you. The dresses will be available for rent on El Sublieme's facebook profile and website (still under construction). 

After the shoot, my friend insisted on me trying on one of the dresses too! I had a hard time trying to decide which one I'd wear, but I choose this black & white design (monochrome is SO bang on trend, people):

Although these dresses aren't something I would normally wear (they're actually for wedding parties and special occasions), I felt like a Moroccan movie star or something while wearing this dress! If I'm ever invited to a Moroccan wedding I'll definitely wear one of these. 
Did you enjoy the preview? I know it's something different from what I normally share here (although it's definitely one of my most glamorous outfit posts :D), so tell me what you think!