February 17, 2013

Boy London

From the city of my dreams straight to my hometown in the middle of nowhere! I already showed you where I live in this post, so today I give you part two: The view from my house! Believe it or not: when my parents first came to visit this house, they fell in love with THE VIEW. I wonder if they're referring to the tractors passing by every two minutes leaving a trail of mud and manure or the cows who stare at you when you're passing by on your bike (because no, there's no public transport here). Such fun.

Anyway, I'm expressing my love for London with this sweater I bought just before I left on holiday: Sadly my bank account didn't allow me to buy the real version, so when I saw this one on chictopia somewhere, I jumped and ordered it straight from China, haha! Judge all you want, but I only paid about 15euros (shipping included) and you can't even see the difference imo.

What I'm wearing: Zara leggings, Boy London sweater (from here), thrifted blazer, Daisystreet shoes

Notice the big sign in the background? I now officially live in a town. I still prefer calling it a farmer's hole, considering it includes only about five muddy streets, a primary school and a small church. And one crazy person walking around in heels, attracting strange looks from cyclists. Ahem.
What's your opinion on living on the countryside? Charming and quiet or horrible and isolated? I know in which group I belong...
Hope you had a nice weekend! x