February 26, 2013

Jack Daniels

Stealing  borrowing our (boy)friends clothes: we've all done it, wether it's a pair of jeans when you've managed to spill on your last clean one or an oversized tee from your boyfriend when you're feeling lonely at night (or forgot to bring a pyjama...) A few months ago when I stayed over at my boyfriend's, I found myself with nothing to wear but the dress from our night out (on which I spilled a variety of drinks... Clumsy, me?) and a pair of jeans, so I pulled out this Jack Daniels T-shirt from my boyfriend's closet, and he never got it back - I wear it all the time so it surprised me it never made it on the blog before! It looks great with jeans, skirts or just underwear (well yes, what better way to 'reward' him for taking his clothes? ;)) I wore it with my new favourite jacket I found at the final Zara sales for only 19,99 - the original price was cut off, but I guess it must have been 70 euros or something, so a pretty good buy in my opinion! Prepare for a picture overload...

February 20, 2013

London report: Oxford Street, Soho & Westminster

Of course I couldn't spend a week in London without going shopping! So on Monday we took the tube and jumped off at Tottenham Court Road, right in front of the new and HUGE Primark, where I would spend the next two hours of our day :D

February 17, 2013

Boy London

From the city of my dreams straight to my hometown in the middle of nowhere! I already showed you where I live in this post, so today I give you part two: The view from my house! Believe it or not: when my parents first came to visit this house, they fell in love with THE VIEW. I wonder if they're referring to the tractors passing by every two minutes leaving a trail of mud and manure or the cows who stare at you when you're passing by on your bike (because no, there's no public transport here). Such fun.

February 12, 2013

London report: Brick Lane and South Bank

(Brick Lane)
Ahhh, London... I have to say I've lost my heart to this wonderful city. Yes, London and I are very much in love. I adore the atmosphere, the people, the food, the shopping, the always so friendly 'mind the gap' announcements, the diversity, the supermarkets that are open till midnight every day (hear that, Belgium??),... The fact that my boyfriend was giddy as a kid to be back in his favourite country AND his delicious British accent all added up to the awesomeness of our trip!

February 9, 2013

Time for some DIY

Now that my exams are over (actually the new semester is starting in a few days but shhhhht) I've been doing some DIY-ing again! I already gave you a sneak peek a few days ago at my current project: transforming an ugly and way too long leather skirt (you might remember it from this post) into something like this:

February 6, 2013

The beauty files

Well, since about every blogger already did a post on her beauty and make-up routine, here's mine! My daily routine consists of basic products that don't take too much work or time to use - I'd rather stay in bed for ten more minutes than standing in my bathroom applying a shitload of make-up! Anyway, these are some of my favourite products:


I normally use Body Shop shampoo (and sometimes the Rituals shampoo pictured here) and conditioner from their Rainforest Volume line - I love the fact that it doesn't contain any parabens, silicons or sulphates, and it just smells really good! After washing my hair (lately I've been washing it the wrong way round: first conditioner and then shampoo, a tip I read somewhere and I find it makes my hair smoother!), I sometimes use a serum (from Hema) or some of my mums Schwarzkopf Osis+ 4-Play to give my hair some texture - or at least, I try to. And once or twice a year, I use henna to brighten my hair colour.

February 3, 2013

El Sublieme Photoshoot Preview

Hi lovelies! Those of you who follow me on twitter or instagram, know that I did a photoshoot for a dear friend of mine who designed her own collection of Moroccan dresses together with her aunt. I was very honoured when she asked me to be the photographer of the collection! We spent an entire day at her house: hair and make-up had to be done and about fifteen dresses had to be modelled, adjusted and photographed! I'm quite pleased with the result (and I hope she is too!) so I wanted to share a little preview of the shoot with you. The dresses will be available for rent on El Sublieme's facebook profile and website (still under construction).