January 20, 2013

London baby!

Yes, I'm going London in less than two weeks! I couldn't be more excited, my boyfriend and I have been talking about going for over a year (yeah, I know) and now it's finally happening. We'll be staying for a week, but we'll also visit Cambridge and Canterbury while we're there. And coincidence or not, two other lovely ladies will be visiting London when I'm there, Laura & Nikki! I'm hoping to run into them to go shopping catch up!
Anyway, since it's my first visit to London (can you believe??), all tips are welcome! We have 5 days to explore the city, so we will be able to do more than only the typical tourist spots (and no way you're getting me on the London Eye anyway, way too scary!), so I'm really interested in hearing about lovely places to visit and things to do! 
Now back to my books...