January 15, 2013

Let It Snow

Of course I had to take pictures in the OMGSNOW, because that's what bloggers do I don't mind actually, I love the feeling and sound of fresh snow (hence the stupid grin on my face), that is, until I almost fell down a couple of minutes after these pictures were taken. Most of the snow on the streets is now gone or has turned mushy and brown :( I'm secretly hoping for more snow tonight, I stocked up my fridge so I don't have to leave the house for food or anything. I did go out for a little shopping today, my beloved Think Twice vintage shop was having their famous sales again, I got a black velvet blazer and a red boyfriend blazer, each one cost me only 2 euros! SCORE

What I'm wearing: H&M sweater, Bershka skirt, L&L coat, Asos cap, Topshop boots

Big thank you to my my friend Soline who took these photos! She's my classmate, and it took us two years to realise we practically live next to each other :D So we meet up quite often to cook together (and drink wine) and mocking our teachers! Two other classmates were also joining us on our photoshoot, although most of the time they were doing this:

Best study break ever if you ask me :D Hope you enjoyed the snow too!