January 4, 2013

Faux fur pt. 2

What I'm wearing: handmade faux fur coat, Zara sweater, ebay skirt, H&M beanie, Asos heels

I promised you more outfit posts this year, so here's the first outfit of 2013! Keeping it casual: I'm still studying these days, so the comfier the better. I have to admit I don't always study in heels (I do sometimes, though: perfect way to get used to new shoes!) but the rest of this outfit is what I wore today. I've been wearing this beanie all the time lately, especially when I'm leaving the house and haven't washed my hair! Don't worry, I did wash it for these photos ;) Washing your hair when you're staying at home and pinning it back (I get distracted by everything, even my own hair) is kind of a waste to me. The same goes for make-up: just some day cream and moisturizer and I'm ready to party spend the day behind my desk. Well, *only* 20 days of studying and exams to go! YAY

Good luck to all you fellow students out there! I feel your pain ;)

PS: I might do a post with some of my healthy recipes for study times if you're interested, just let me know in the comments!