January 9, 2013

DIY ripped jeans

One of my favourite DIY projects lately has been this ripped jeans. I love the look and I've been looking for a pair but they were all a bit too expensive or not exactly how I wanted it to look like. So I thought: this can't be too hard to make yourself, right? Turns out it's super easy, and I'll show you how to do it!


- A pair of (old) jeans: I've had these since I was 14 or something, and I don't really wear them anymore so perfect for this DIY!
- A small cutting board or anything that you can put on the inside of your jeans so you don't cut through the back,
- A knife, preferably steak knife or bread knife,
- A pencil if you want to draw where you're gonna cut the jeans, I used it at the beginning but it wasn't really necessary.
That's all!

STEP 1: Shove the cutting board into one of the legs, draw a line where you want the rip to be (if needed) and start cutting! I found it easier to fold the jeans under the cutting board so it doesn't move too much when you're cutting. If you want a big tear or hole on your knee or other specific place, try your jeans on and mark where you want it to be.
Make as many tears as you want! This could take a while, haha.

You can also make half tears if you like: just do as above but don't cut all the way through. Just look at the next picture, the tear on the left isn't cut all the way through but it still looks 'ripped'. Haha tell me in the comments if you don't understand what I mean! :D

STEP 2: Now rub your knife in the other direction on the tear to make the tear look more ripped instead of just 'cut out'. 

STEP 3: Pull or cut off all those long (lighter coloured) threads, it'll make the jeans look less like you ripped it by accident :D

And done!

I really love how mine turned out! Coming soon in an outfit post, I've been wearing them a lot lately! A bit on the cold side to go outside maybe, but you can always wear some sheer tights underneath.
Hope you liked this DIY! Let me know if you're trying it out, I'd love to see yours!