December 8, 2012

The Vintage Pattern Selector

A few months ago, I was contacted by Lindy of RotoVision Books , who told me about a book they were working on called The Vintage Pattern Selector: a sewing book on how to use retro styles and fashion and how to work them in a modern way. They had found my photo through chictopia and they were interested to use it in the book. Of course I was super exciting about this, I e-mailed them the photo they wanted with my details, and they answered me they would let me know if my photo made it to the book. So a few months passed and I didn't hear anything from them anymore, so I'd sort of given up my hope, thinking they didn't use my picture after all. Until yesterday, when I came home to found this waiting for me:

And guess who's on the first page:

Me! I literally jumped from excitement, my photo got published in a book!!! Ok, it's only one photo, but I'm still super proud I made it into the book. Especially when you see who's also featured:

Carie from Wish Wish Wish and Audrey from Frassy, two blogging ladies I admire very much and who gained quite some respect in the blogging world. I'm really honoured to find myself next to these ladies!
The book looks really cool in my opinion: lovely retro inspiration and loads of patterns to make your own pleated skirt, wide-leg trousers, collar dresses and even pillbox hats! I'm definitely trying out one of the pieces soon, they look really nice and not too difficult.

Looks good, right? The book isn't available to buy just yet but you can pre-order via amazon here. Too bad it won't be released before Christmas, this would make an awesome Christmas gift for someone who's interested in sewing! I wasn't paid to say all this btw, I just think this is a pretty awesome retro style sewing book. And I'm in it, so you should totally buy it just to see me, haha! 
Have a nice weekend!